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First let me just say that I am a veracious reader. I love to read, I read numerous news sources, I read magazinesof alltypes, but my real love is to read fiction. I love thrillers, I love mysteries, but most of all I love to read sci-fi and fantasy novels. Now I am deep into my 3rd rereading of George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series so I can have a good remembrance of the world before I read a Feast for Crows, but I have a confession. While I love good sci-fi and Fantasy novels, I also love bad sci-fi and fantasy novels. I’m talking about anything to do with Drizzt Do'Urden, and the DragonLance series. to my credit, I was introduced to these characters/worlds when they first came out which means I have been reading them since I was 14 for the Crystal Shard and Chronicles when I was 10. The whole point of this post? I am actually HELLA excited about the New DragonLance movie that was announced…more about by questionable movie tastes later =-)
Word of the day:

Trigabit - trig-a-bit

1. Very advanced encryption layer, triple the effectiveness of 3DES.
--Usage: That firewall is capable of trigabit encryption…wow, that is government grade (quote courtesy the movie Swordfish).
2. When used to describe data storage, 1,024 terabytes.
--Usage: You need ton of storage for your legitimately ripped movie database, I would say at least a Trigabit of space.
3. When used to describe data transfer rates, it refers to 10 to the 14th power (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) bits.
--Usage: You know, I think in the future we will see high speed connections capable of trigabit levels of speed.
Kay, so as the first post I should let you all (as if there was anyone reading this) into my world. The first major quirk of mine is that I am a HUGE Prince huge you may ask? Well I have all of his albums except 3 and a few (ahem) total I have 32 albums or when converted to mp3 2.98GB of Prince music. What makes my enjoyment of his music even weirder is that 99% of the time I listen to music I only listen to Prince. That means when I drive I listen to my MP3 cd's of his music, when I am at work I stream his music from my home server to listen to it at my desk, when I rollerblade or workout I also listen to him on my mp3 player.

I know, I know...'what a freak' you are probably thinking, but I have a rebuttal. Prince is a genius...that is not widely debatted, he plays all his instruments on albums, writes his own music and has a vault with thousands of songs in it. Generally from album to album you get a different sound (which is incredibly rare,…