First let me just say that I am a veracious reader. I love to read, I read numerous news sources, I read magazines of all types, but my real love is to read fiction. I love thrillers, I love mysteries, but most of all I love to read sci-fi and fantasy novels. Now I am deep into my 3rd rereading of George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series so I can have a good remembrance of the world before I read a Feast for Crows, but I have a confession. While I love good sci-fi and Fantasy novels, I also love bad sci-fi and fantasy novels. I’m talking about anything to do with Drizzt Do'Urden, and the DragonLance series. to my credit, I was introduced to these characters/worlds when they first came out which means I have been reading them since I was 14 for the Crystal Shard and Chronicles when I was 10. The whole point of this post? I am actually HELLA excited about the New DragonLance movie that was announced…more about by questionable movie tastes later =-)
Word of the day:

Trigabit - trig-a-bit

1. Very advanced encryption layer, triple the effectiveness of 3DES.
--Usage: That firewall is capable of trigabit encryption…wow, that is government grade (quote courtesy the movie Swordfish).
2. When used to describe data storage, 1,024 terabytes.
--Usage: You need ton of storage for your legitimately ripped movie database, I would say at least a Trigabit of space.
3. When used to describe data transfer rates, it refers to 10 to the 14th power (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) bits.
--Usage: You know, I think in the future we will see high speed connections capable of trigabit levels of speed.
Kay, so as the first post I should let you all (as if there was anyone reading this) into my world. The first major quirk of mine is that I am a HUGE Prince huge you may ask? Well I have all of his albums except 3 and a few (ahem) total I have 32 albums or when converted to mp3 2.98GB of Prince music. What makes my enjoyment of his music even weirder is that 99% of the time I listen to music I only listen to Prince. That means when I drive I listen to my MP3 cd's of his music, when I am at work I stream his music from my home server to listen to it at my desk, when I rollerblade or workout I also listen to him on my mp3 player.

I know, I know...'what a freak' you are probably thinking, but I have a rebuttal. Prince is a genius...that is not widely debatted, he plays all his instruments on albums, writes his own music and has a vault with thousands of songs in it. Generally from album to album you get a different sound (which is incredibly rare, most artists have one sound and can vary it slightly, even people with great ranges like Mariah Carey). For example Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic and Diamonds and Pearls are very much Pop albums, New Power Soul and Sign O' the Times are Funk filled albums and The Vault: Old Friends for Sale and the Black Album have a soulful R&B feel. He has released all acoustic albums, all piano albums, live albums and instrumental albums. I can listen to his music and have a more varied experience then listening to the radio where you either have an idiot pop singer/actress, a pathetic angry rock/punk band or a people who can't sing on their own!

Still not convinced I am a freak? Well have a look a Prince themed (or 0-+> as he was known at the time) website I made nearly 8 years ago called The Purple Experience! This site is very old and has not been updated in nearlty 6 a lot of links don't work, but I was proud of the site...More later...
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