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Arrgh, first I get excited about the newly announced DualShock 3/Sixaxis controller and the fact that it will support most of the existing games via software update and all new games. Then I see that it is launching in Japan this November and North America Spring 2008???? WTF? This is a controller, there is no localization, no region codes, no this just a supply decision??? Arrggh!

Oh and Playstation Home is delayed till Spring 2008 as well? Crap on a stick, Home was one of the reasons I bought a PS3...cripeys, at least I still have Eye of Judgment on pre-order at EB games and a StarWars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron PSP bundle reserved for launch day...

A guess it could be a worse time to be a gamer...
Kay, so I wrote a long and boring post on what I do last month. Well Backbone Magazine thinks I am cool! Sort of:

Article about my assistance with the Canadian Curling Association

Backbone is distributed six times a year within The Globe and Mail to business and metropolitan subscribers within select city centres. Backbone is also distributed through corporate alliances, sent to, among others, Bell Canada’s SMB customers, Industry Canada’s leaders in e-business development, KPMG, within Air Canada Lounges, Industry leading HR companies, numerous technology industry associations, universities, select retailers and subscribers.

Sometimes everyone needs to pat themselves on the back =P
A belated but heartfelt Rest in Peace goes to Robert Jordan, writer of a few (very good) Conan books (where I first discovered him) and more notably the Wheel of Time series. He passed away on September 16th 2007 and as I read the fan community writing about their thoughts of him and his books it made me look back at his works and how they affected me. I started reading the Wheel of Time series when I was in High School (15 years ago), I purposely waited until book three assuming it would be a trilogy, nope, it stretched to 12 books (and was rumored to be ending with the 13th book, which was a number of significance in the series). While the series had some major missteps around books 8 and 9 in my opinion (deceased characters returning from the dead even though there where too many foils/bad guys already, books focusing on annoying characters with no advancement and actions by the lead character that had me yelling at the pages) I still remember them very fondly and regard the series…