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Showing posts from November, 2007
So I am a Canuck and went across the border to the U.S. of A to pick up snow tires (because I am a Canuck) and wandered into the local Ogdensburg WalMart. neat thing about Walmart Canada, they have normalized all or most of their prices to match the US (games, electronics, movies, books, magazines, etc...) so it was a wasted stop, until I saw this:

Yes, a three ring of death X360 demo unit that Walmart kept on, this was truly hilarious as it really represents the hardware woes Microsoft has with it's console this generation. Don't confuse me for a Hater, I am getting a 360 (finally) so I can play Mass Effect and Bioshock. But seeing this made me smile...grainy video feed below as well.

I want this Steampunk Monitor more then I can describe...seriously it is cooler the school. Click here to see it in all it's glory and how to make it.
So Marvel had a Costume Contest recently, I have been a huge comic book fan since I was 8 or so, my alltime favorite comicbook crush over the years has been Jean Grey/Phoenix, so when I saw the winner...I have to say I thought...YUM!
I purchased Eye of Judgment, I have to say I love and dislike this game. Rather then write a review (as I tend to not write reviews) I figured I would list points and say why I feel the way I do about the game.

Why I like the game:
-Gameplay is innovative compared to other CCG's, normally you are trying to defeat the player by draining points, or defeat creatures, in this game you simply (hah simply) need to control 5 of the 9 squares. This defense is as important as offense.
-Multi Element playing field encourages diverse decks. You can easily buy boosters and look for a mix of elements in your deck as playing a wood creature on wood incurs bonuses. Also some creatures impart bonuses if they are played on non-aligned elements, some creatures cause discards, add mana, give draws, it very much adds to the strategic element.
-The geek factor is HUGE!! This is a geekfest of greatness, watching creatures come to life beautifully on your screen is something that has to be played to be…