Pata-Pata-Pon, I am incredibly addicted to Patapon! Get the demo here, play the demo, live the demo, sing during the demo, then buy the game. Seriously it is one of the best games I have ever played, kind of a rhythm game, meets a god sim, meets an rpg lite game, meets an rts, meets the wee free men. This game needs to be in as many hands as possible, to me this is a killer app for the PSP. BUY IT!!
I may have mentioned it in the past, but I am into Martial Arts, I practice a form of karate called Chito-Ryu. It is a really deep Martial Art that attempts to demonstrate the art aspect over the sport style we see in North America.

As you learn you are taught why certain moves are used, how to defend yourself and how to practice effectively. Having said that, if I was ever forced to use this to defend myself I hope I can find and wear some Chuck Norris Action Jeans so I can round house kick even while being stylish! My sensai is going to kill me!

Spore, a game that is more ambitious then any other I have heard of is finally getting a launch date...Sept. 7th 2008 will see the release of Spore. It's official cause game God Will Wright says so!

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