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So I am playing the heck out of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for the PSP and for the first time in my long history of playing the series I really like the main character! Zack is tough, funny, energetic and a bit of a player (though not successfully) and he is a nice change of pace from the Tidus and Squalls of the series. So I thought back on the series since I started playing it and thought of my favorite characters.

FFVI - Shadow the Ninja, though FFVI didn't have all the cinematics we are now used to Shadow did have a hidden backstory that added to his character and is a Ninja, plus his attacks were really cool.

FFVII - Cid, oh Cid, you were my favorite just for your run has to be seen to be believed, but I would get Cid to run around just for fun sometimes. He was also a cool character, the teams pilot and had that cool spear thingy. His class reminded me of the dragoon class.

FFVIII - Irvine was very cool, at first he played like he was this cool assassin type, but when he had to pull the trigger he just couldn't do it. Plus his big ass rifle was one of the coolest looking weapons in the game.

FFIX - No brainer here, Vivi was the true heart and coolness of the game. A perfect blend of Black Wizard and Orko from He-Man Vivi had many dimensions. My all-time favorite CG in the game is when Vivi goes medieval on everyone and busts out the magic on everyones behind.

FFX - Auron by far is one of the coolest characters in the entire series. From the him bottle of whatever that he coats his blad in, to the arm out of the sleeve to the rare times he uses BOTH hands on his sword (and you know the pain is coming) he is just cool. His manner of talk and presence was key to the appeal in the game. Honorable mention goes to Lulu simply for her, ahem, outfit!

FFXII - Balthier again (in a different way from Auron) is an amazingly cool character. From the amazing costume design to the swashbukler, Errol Flynn style demeanor to his guns as weapons in a sword world. Balthier is the worldly sky pirate with the answers and demeanor that makes you want to trust him.

So all the best characters are not the main ones, I wonder is that the plan? make you invested in the cast and not the principal characters? We will see with the next installment, at least she looks REALLY cool and not wearing a half shirt that seems so popular in these hero types...Lightning looks to be a breakout character in the series and be REALLY good.


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