There is lot for you to do when perusing this weeks PSN update but if you do anything it should be to download the PixelJunk Eden demo. The game is very hard to describe, but picture yourself as an organic spiderman, but instead of swinging between skyscrapers rescuing people you are swinging between flowers rescuing seeds. Oh and add co-op to the mix and you can boost your partner to get higher, trap them to stop falls and actually help each other to attain goals...very co-opy.

Oh and it supports trophies, REMOTE PLAY and youtube upload to share how you completed a level! Tres cool!

So out of the things at E3 one of the games I am most excited for is Valkyria Chronicles, they call the graphics engine the canvas engine as it looks like a water color canvas. It is out in November in North America...PS3 exclusive...

There was a gameplay demo on the PlayStation Blog and it looks amazing! Not only is it a gorgeous game the idea of a real time/turn based hybrid game has me VERY excited. Basically you have free reign to run around the battlefield (no grid) and can perform an action, your movement is keyed to a timer bar that run downs as you move. So free movement within a set limit and actions at the beginning, middle or end of the timer...very cool.
Okay, this could be the coolest game to come out this year and it had BETTER come to North America - The Last Man (or the Last Guy for the Japanese version).

Details are scant, but the top-down PS3 game has players use Google Earth to rescue large numbers of people by having them follow you to safe escape zones and avoiding gray matter eating zombies. Obviously it will be a PSN game and obviously it will be awesome. The Japanese website has a 7/11/08 date on it, does that mean it is out that day (glee) or we hear about it that day? (glee)

Did anyone listen to the podcast? Just curious..I thought it went really well!
Seriously, this has to be the coolest thing I have ever heard and it may make me buy an iPod:
Square Enix Announces, Releases Song Summoner For iPod

Game Features
- Transform your iPod songs into "Tune Troopers" to combat the evil Mechanical Militia.
- Tune Trooper types and abilities are determined by the songs used to create them.
- Your Tune Troopers can be powered up even outside of the game—just by listening to the songs you used to create them!
- Control Ziggy, a "Conductor" that creates warriors out of music, and guide him through his journey to save his brother Zero from the Mechanical Militia.
- Experience a turn-based tactics battle system, divided into player and enemy phases where each side takes turns maneuvering their forces.
- Deploy the right troopers at the right time, and use contraptions found on the map effectively to achieve victory in battle!
- iPod Click Wheel allows players to play the game as easily as selecting music.

So um, Diablo 3 huh? I currently have an Athlon 2100XP, a Radeon 9600pro and 1.25 GB of PC2700 RAM...I am screwed. Over the last few years I have shifted to a console gamer with the PS3, X360 and PSP.

I used to be a hardcore PC gamer, but the upgrading and install processes got me so angry I ditched it. Now I think it is time to upgrade again, this time a gaming laptop is probably in the works. I tinkered around on the Dell site and can get a pretty good one for $1000 with 3GB RAM, really good video card and 17" display. Seriously thinking about it...

I am going to start posting links to my articles here as well. I just published a review for National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets that you can read here!

It's an average movie that benefits from an amazing audio and video transfer that truly enhances the film.

Check it out!
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