So I have been meaning to try the video upload feature of the amazing PixelJunk Eden for a while now. So I created a less then perfect speed (ha!) run of the first Spectra on the first Garden.

Anyway it is an amazing game with great visuals, gameplay and music, if you don't have it, get it!

So, everyone who has any brains is already psyched about LittleBigPlanet right? How could you not be? With a great concept of self creating levels, community developed levels plus a meaty and still mysterious core game it looks like the next huge game of the year. It was just announced that the pre-order goodie at Gamestop is the Kratos skin (which is four aspects - skin, goatee, blades, and clothing).

Personally I still want to wait to see who will be offering the Nariko skin, that is simply too cool for school:

Seriously, just picture Kratos the angry sackboy or Nariko the strangely attractive sackgirl jumping through this level!

Too True, I have to confess sometimes I wash my hands after touching myself...err...that didn't come out right!

abuhhh??? I hope to hell my phone can play this...yes it is G1 Transdformers, with awesome transformations and it is basically the shining force engine...believe it!

Transformers Mobile has me even more excited the Song Summoner.

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