I have mentioned I am weak right? Once or twice? Right?


I knew I was getting it, in fact I had originally pre-ordered it from the one Gamestop in my city (I live in Canada) and when I found out Future Shop had the Nariko pre-order costume I jumped ship.

For some reason Future Shop only got the game today I rushed out got it and and I eagerly opened it. I also grabbed my pre-order code I got a while ago and went to redeem it. When removing the privacy seal on the back to see my code it ripped and destroyed the code!!!

I have e-mailed Media Molecule to see if they can get me a new code...I will try Sony after that...crap on a stick....
Fallout 3 = Win as far as I am concerned. Started the game last night and I have to say it is really fun...I absolutely hated Oblivion...but the SPECIAL system and a post-apocalyptic world make all the difference.

Same crappy animation and facial expressions...but at least the faces look WAY better, I always found Oblivion characters looked...umm...mentally challenged...

Fallout 3 is a MUCH better looking game, some tearing and graphical glitches, but by and large the characters and environments are leaps and bounds better then Oblivion. The atmosphere is very much Fallout even if the gameplay isn't, it is still very fun, but I do miss my isometric grid based goodness. The VATS is awesome and all, but the strategy level is much lower without true action points controlling everything.

Have I mentioned how very, very weak I am? Seriously, in the past few weeks I have gotten Tales of Vesperia, Penny Arcade Episode 1, Fable 2, Dead Space and Little Big Planet not to mention that I am in the Resistance 2 Beta and all the other games I have no time to play! Oh and my new Nintendo DS which somehow has 35+ games on hand and ready to play...

Sigh, I am a weak, weak man...but it is an amazing time to be a gamer
Speaking of Resistance 2! I am currently REALLY enjoying the Resistance 2 Beta and I have to say the 8 player co-op is fan-fucking-tastic!

They have structured everything around goals to achieve a mission such as:

1 - Stop incoming forces
2 - Turn off teleporters
3 - deactivate power source
4 - eliminate stalker to move on
5 - Activate Beacon
6 - Secure landing zone

These are just examples, but as you play you really need to work as a team. The soldier class can raise a shield that people can huddle behind as they fire, the medic can heal groups, but both need ammo from the spec-ops in order to use these specials. If you are not tanking and providing cover and the other is not providing ammo and headshots and the medic is not healing you WILL fail.

This is a mode that demands a proper headset (and there are issues with this I will discuss tomorrow) to play properly and I am thoroughly impressed at how they have made teamwork essential.

With Resistance 2 coming soon I had almost forgotten about Killzone 2:

This looks like the Gears of War killer for the PS3, color me excited!

Very sexy, I am a huge sucker for flight sims, especially sci-fi themed ones a la Wing Commander, Freelancer and Darkstar One. If Microsoft (or Sony who had the great Colony Wars series) were to release a current gen console variant on this theme I would be there in a heartbeat and would own this combat stick.
Coolest. PS3. EVER!

Most expensive too! It is being auctioned on EBay with 15% of the proceeds going to Child's Play. The PS3 is so cool it gave series create Hideo Kojima O face when he autographed it. Seriously check the link, it comes with a boatload of extras and a custom carrying case. If I was rich this would be mine no matter the cost. Bidding is over $2500 already (the PS3 it is based on costs $399)

If you haven't picked up Dead Space, then really you are not a true gamer. This internal EA developed game, yes internally developed!) is a true marvel and one of the best gaming experiences in years. Many, many aspects of the game need to be mentioned:
  • The look is just right, the graphics are stunning and effective in showing this advanced yet industrial ship. There are sharps contrasts from the professional decks to the mining deck that are perfect.
  • Atmosphere is amazing, from dust motes in the air, to the mineral bits floating near asteroids to the lack of external noise when in a vacuum to the little noises and sounds that are ALWAYS occurring. Many high profile movies don't handle ambient noise this well, a huge part of the tension is the audio and they nailed it.
  • No HUD, seriously this is one of the best parts of the game. Your health and stasis powered is measured in tools on your rig using great lighting effects. The ammo, missions and communications all appear as holograms in front of you (broadcast by your rig). They move with you and immerse you completely in the game.
  • The scenario is deliciously creepy, part system shock, part Aliens, part zombie movie and all good.
  • Have I mentioned it is amazing to look at? Nary a frame rate issue, speedy load times and NO install to the HDD!!!
Seriously...get this game, you won't regret it.

I have to say Remote play is by far one of the coolest features on the PS3/PSP, if you own a PSP as well there is a ton you can do.

I watch movies streamed from my PS3, play Bionic Commando and PixelJunk games a lot...and stumbled on this...Lego Batman PS3 is remote play capable!!

By the Jeebus I was surprised as hell...pictures attached. This is a great game and I love that I can play on the can, in my bedroom, while the kids are watching their kiddie show crap...tho' I do like Sponegbob...

I am so weak....sigh...I will give my impressions in a few days...

Coolest Cosplay Ever...and a seriously hot girl to boot!

Comparison picture:

Article Update, figured I would post the recent articles I have written for BlogCritics recently:

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TV Recap: Dexter - "Our Father"
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Man, you know how some Movie trailers really make you want to go see it? Well game trailers are starting to get to that level at times. I have been quite interested in the new Prince of Persia game based on the art style, one on one combat and team work aspects. This new trailer actually gave me shivers...the music, style and Icoesque vibe make me want to play it now!

Other game companies have done similarly great trailers. Uncharted's Massive attack trailer is amazing as well. I have played the game THREE times yet I have watched this trailer at least 10 times. Atmosphere, style and a look and sound that compliments your game goes a long way my friends.

This is absolutely the most amazing thing i have ever seen, I am actually giddy, Nariko, Kratos, Spaceman, potential Disney characters and now this?

This game is not only fun it is a pop culture phenomenon and will be the biggest game on the PS3 this year...maybe the biggest game all year? I dunno, but the fun factor, community aspects, originality and replayability is simply staggering.

Grrr, I don't know what to do. See I am a huge RPG fan, and a huge Bioware fan (natch). I am also a new convert to the Nintendo DS platform and I am loving that little black sex machine!

The conundrum I am facing is the game Sonic: The Dark Brotherhood. It is Sonic, which I have learned to despise. It is Bioware created, which I adore. Sonic can't possibly have a decent story which is key to an RPG, Bioware has a knack for creating great stories out of nowhere (Knights of the Old Republic anyone?).

Hmm, I am waiting for some reviews to surface before I decide, but I imagine I will get this game...any opinions out there?

At least it looks good:
So I managed to get a LittleBigPlanet Beta key via the most recent giveaway on the Playstation Blog and lemme tell you this game is awesome. The tutorial is EXCELLENT if a little slow paced at times. But it does it's job in scaling up your knowledge about the gameplay ideas and options.

Once you dig into the level creator things get really crazy. Every option has a tutorial you can view or not which details everything you need to know to create levels. The amount of options are almost staggering. One thing I would love to see is a way to export your part lists to a document you could print on another system, maybe a webpage or an html file or something.

I could easily picture myself leaning over my desk and designing levels in the same way I design networks, look at the parts, fit them together and make a proper design. As it stands I will probably build a spreadsheet with all the parts I have and work from that (no joke).

I am really hoping we end up seeing a LBP database (similar to WOW's Thotbot and others) that allows you to add your list of parts so you can track the standard ones. Created objects are not as easy, but you could track those on your own.

Anyway, I am hoping to have some levels up in the next week, check for PSN id Jer1chO, hopefully there will be something for you to enjoy!

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