After what feels like years of waiting Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is being released TODAY!!!!!

I cannot say enough how excited I am about this game. This version (the original) is the first Street Fighter I REALLY played. I must have dropped 100's of dollars on the arcade machines...until near the end of my SF career when I was unbeatable as Fei Long or Chun Li. Seriously, 1 quarter I would last 20-30 matches...many people were VERY upset with me.

I eventually left the game for Mortal Kombat 2, but this game is near and dear to my heart and I will be playing this to DEATH.

-1080p HD graphics hand drawn by Udon
-ONLINE Play!!!
-original and rebalanced play modes
-option to use old 80's animation (meh)

Yeah, I will play some single player to relearn my skills, then online I go...look me up for a match
PSN ID - Jer1ch0

Music I like!

So I have mentioned in the past that I am a huge Prince fan. While he is drinking the Jehovah Witness kool-aid and becoming slightly nuts I still believe he is one of the greatest (if not greatest) musical artists alive.

Having sad that, I also love many other types of music, techno, electronica and ambient among them. Recently I posted a trailer for the new Prince of Persia game and I had no idea who sang the song...but I was smitten by it.

Driving home the other day I heard the song (Breathe Me)on the Ambient Techno XM radio channel Chill. Clicking the info button I saw the artist name was Sia...MINE!

I have the album in question now (Colour the Small One)now and want her other stuff...badly. Her mixing of electronica tracks and amazing voice evoke emotions and inspiration in me. Do yourself a favour and buy some of her won't regret it.

Oh and Sia if you ever read this...I forgive you for your awful website! ;-)

Saw Quantum of Solace last night...let me give you a 10 second review:

It is SHIT, do not see this movie.

Alright...done...Ok, you know I am never done. I was going to write a blogcritics review about the movie, but they have a 200 word minimum and I am way below that...and I have no interest in writing one of my detailed reviews for this movie...point form it is then.
  • Action scenes were horribly, sorry, ABSOLUTELY horribly filmed. You could not make out anything that happened...EVER.
  • Story was incomprehensible. I am a pretty intelligent person, but this story was muddled, vacant, shallow and pointless.
  • The Bond girls where very 1 dimensional, Olga nice with some good moments, Fields...Fing useless.
  • The big bads (the general and Greene) were idiotic and useless.
  • The action sequences where horrible
  • The opening song and title sequence where absolutely horribly annoying.
This movie wasted huge opportunities, it is stylish, beautiful (at times) but the director absolutely ruined it.

I am done.
has everyone heard all the news about how the Entertainment Software ratings Board (ESRB) has decided that they will protect consumers? Eschewing the very widely accepted policy (from Movies and other ratings board) of posting the general details (violence, nudity, etc.) the ESRB is taking the psycho Mom approach:

Fallout 3

Platform: Windows PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Rating: Mature

Content descriptors: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Drugs

Rating summary: Fallout 3 is a action role-playing game set in the barren wasteland of a post-apocalyptic society. Players assume the role of a resident of an underground complex who emerges from a vault to explore a wastleland universe through a series of quests/missions. Mission objectives sometimes involve exploring various caves, sewers, and subway tunnels, while other quests involve combat with human and mutant survivors. Fighting can be frenetic and intense, highlighted by various camera effects (e.g., slow motion, blurring, screen shakes) and depictions of realistic dismemberment with trails of red blood. In one scene, players enter a black-and-white virtual reality simulation in which they use a kitchen knife to kill household members and pets. Characters are sometimes seen consuming fictional drugs (e.g., "Buffout," "Jet," and "Mentats"), while the player can also use – with no visual depiction of consuming/administering – a narcotic called "psycho," which with repeated uses leads to addiction. A screen-blurring effect indicates the state of characters' intoxication and the need to use the narcotic to fend off various side effects. Several of the characters are prostitutes and the details of their sexual activities are mildly insinuated (e.g., "You got the cash I got the time…I take care of men around here."). Strong profanity can also be heard throughout the game (e.g., "f*ck," "a*shole," and "sh*t").

Umm, what? The abbreviated swear words are ridiculous and actually make the description not safe for kids to read. The description is also inconsistent and in the case of drug use differentiates differences between using one over the other as far as addiction goes(and that is false).

Who wrote these? Not the developer certainly, did a parents group watch someone play for an hour and write this nonsense? Is it a scare tactic similar to cigarette packs? Will this garbage be on game boxes?

Summaries sometimes contain spoilers, the Fallout 3 one had details on a cool scenario, the Resistance 2 reveals clear plot points as well.

People, we NEED to approach game ratings like movie ratings...G is everyone, PG is E-10, PG 13 is 10+ and R is M. The ESRB should scrap their system, adopt the movie rating system and all confusion would end...what they are doing right now is not accomplishing what they say they are trying to:

"The primary goal of our new rating summaries is to give further aid to parents in making informed game choices for their children. The summaries highlight content that factored into to the rating assignment, and the intent is always to have them do so without needlessly revealing spoilers."
Played a couple of matches of Left 4 Dead with some buddies last night. This game has been heavily hyped and everyone who plays it seems to love it.

For myself I give it a hearty meh! It is good to look at, heavy on the action, some cool features, but ultimately after playing through the demo level twice I found it very repetitive. I have not tried the 4 vs 4 co-op, which may make the game much more dynamic, but apparently you cannot play the whole game this way.

Some cool stuff I did see though:
-Teamwork is pretty cool, you need to help, revive, cover and stick together.
-Varied enemies, there are hunters, boomers, the witch and the regular horde zombies
-tense moments when many, many horde swarm your room
-coolness factor when fighting the elite infected.

Some stuff I didn't like
-Zombies that run...sigh, Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) wrote an opinion piece on why zombies shouldn't run...and I agree.
-Seemed the seem, but it isn't, Left 4 Dead uses a Director system that dynamically spawns enemies and weapons, but it seemed mostly the same setup through multiple playthroughs
-Kind of bland.

All in all it is fun, not 60 dollars fun in this crowded marketplace, but worth a purchase in the future. If this was 30 dollar dlc for Half Life I would go for it, but as is I am not sold.

So I am in the Killzone 2 Beta and wowee is it fun. Had a few issues the first couple of attempts, but I finally got into a game and didn't leave for a few hours.

The first thing I noticed is that they emulate the leveling/reward system from recent major games, but make it their own. You can change your template or weapons as you get them. Much luck other games as well you have grenades, a main weapon and a sidearm to choose from.

The game has an auto team mode so everything is balanced and the games we were playing last night were faction battles. The ISA and Helghast face off against each other and the server is set to rotate the game play modes selected. Basically the server has 6 game modes (or less if the host chooses) and as the factions battle it cycles through the modes until one faction or the other wins.

Very cool stuff, if your faction wins you get a multiplier bonus to your XP...nice touch that.

More details soon, but I am loving this game, as much as I loved the 8 player co-op in Resistance 2.

Ok, maybe not...Holy FUCK, Burnout Paradise was cool before, but now they are adding their version of the Deloreon from back to the Future and L3 makes it HOVER!!!

Sweet Jeebus I am buying that and a Huey Lewis CD the day it comes out and playing the shit out of the game again with this car and this car only...
Lets have a little chat about technology shall we? Hmm? Sounds good.

I am hopelessly addicted to technology, not quite as bad as I am addicted to video games. But it is a close one.

My big passion is my mobile phone. Up to about 3 or so years ago I was content with standard cell phones, but then I decided if I get something I want it to be a little different, a little out there. So I ended up getting a Motorola V80:

It was great, I imported it from Europe via Ebay (not available in North America), it had lights around the band depending on who called, it swivelled, it was hip. The issue was the really bad camera, the poor reception, limited bands and minimal functionality.

A couple of years later I was bored so I amazingly sold the V80 for $150 on Ebay (fairly unique phone remember) and upgraded to a Motorola Rizr:

Again this is a European phone, I have never seen another one in Canada. It has a great slide, feel (it's almost textured), form factor, camera and some great apps and functionality...but now nearly a year later I am getting the itch again.

The real advancements we are seeing lately are in Smart Phones. The iPhone, Google phone, Blackberry Bold...I don't know if I really want/need a smart phone, but the really cool ones are that type.

I already have a Laptop, newish iPaq, PSP and much more portable computing do I need? I know I will not be getting iPhone, way too generic, I don't like what everyone else has...any ideas out there for well positioned, cool, functional phones on the market? Ebay is my friend so Europe or North American matters not.

WOOT! Just when I heaved a sad sigh while deleting the Resistance 2 Beta off my PS3 I get the Beta invite for Killzone 2. I had recently talked about this game, which is due in february, as something exciting to look forward to.

Sheesh, I just downloaded the CoD: World at War Beta on my X360, now I need to split time between two Betas and the MANY games I was weak enough to buy...sigh...Good problem to have, but man am I tired...
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