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So one of my favorite sites - Kotaku - had a contest recently:
Be A Kotaku Editor For A Day: The ContestThe gist is you send in three articles you hate and three articles you loved and explain why. The prize? A pile of gaming swag (awesome) and the chance to be a Kotaku editor for the day. Write some articles (with byline), participate in a podcast and generally be awesome. This was a great idea, so yesterday I scoured their site and sent my response designed to look like their reviews. I thought it was great, today I find out the finalists were picked at RANDOM!! Random, seriously, why not just ask people to say ME! in the comments and pick them randomly. Sigh...I am pretty bitter as I liked my it is for your perusal.

Hello Kotaku editors! This is a great idea for a contest; I have to admit I am more excited about the editor for a day aspect then the swag itself...though I will gladly take the swag!

I have long wanted to be in the gaming industry, in fact I wri…
Now that is just a crying shame. Sales figures announced show LittleBigPlanet had only 360,000 or so copies sold in Oct/Nov and the amazing/beautiful/fun title Valkyria Chrnicles only sold a heartbreaking 33,000 units.

LittleBigPlanet suffered from it's hype, it is a niche title at heart that was plagued with delays, controversy and mishandled moderation of levels. People who have it, love to play it, people who don't have it are sick of hearing about it. Valkyria Chronicles is a disservice to a great game. More people need to get this and spread the word.

What the Fuck is Gambit doing in the Wolverine Origins movie? Seriously, is Gambit even a serious player in the X-Men universe anymore? Continuity wise it makes no freaking sense. The rest of it looks pretty decent, Liev Schrieber does not look like a Sabretooth at all....I guess I will need to decide when I watch it.

It is a really exciting first look at the new movie and I will definitely watch it day one, just pray to God Gambit gets killed....I know he won't, but I can dream.

So the Spike VGA awards were last night. While I wasn't really interested in watching the show, I was really eager to see three big reveals.

God of War III

Looks great, man does it ever look great, gloves look seriously badass and the moves look even more over the top then ever before. really, really short and no story insight. I need more to decide if it will top the outstanding God of war II

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Hell Yeah!! No gameplay whatsoever, but the charm is still there and the real time graphics are better then ever. I hope we get to see some gameplay soon. This is my most anticipated game of 2009 (after FFXIII that is). I played Uncharted 3 times and would play it again.

Brutal Legend

Woot! Cannot wait for this game as well. I was worried through the beginning that this was going to be simply a one-liner filled appearance by jack Black (a la Apocalypse with Bruce Willis). But the end where he confronts the demon nun (kinda sexy though) I was laughing. Still no…

I am a huge Street Fighter fan and am still greatly enjoying LittleBigPlanet. I will have a tough time resisting these sackboy costumes...especially this one:


Wish they had a Bruce Lee branded qwerty smartphone in the European/North American would be the answer to all my dreams on a new phone solution.

So Black Friday. For whatever reason Canada does not have an equivalent this wonderful shopping day...BUT we do have access to online retailers and I do so happen to have a US shipping address!

Looked at the Amazon sales and instead of getting newer stuff for a slight discount, I instead grabbed:

Too Human for 19.99
Viking: Battle for Asgard for 14.99
Nyko Charge Base PS3 for 9.95

Nothing groundbreaking, but the two games were ones I wanted to play, but didn't want to pay anywhere near full pop or be constrained by renting (I like to own games).

Looking forward to taking Too Human for a spin, I like Diablo hack and slash style games and I did enjoy the demo.