You know you are getting big when one of the most notable Japanese game designers, Hideo Kojima, and one of the most notable American developers (Cliffy B) appear in your video. The Mega 64 guys have achieved just this, and not just a cameo (like Cliffy B), Hideo actually sneaks in broad daylight with the boys. Very, VERY cool.

Prince has released his three albums, launched his site and performed three nights on Jay Leno and 3 concerts in one day in Los Angeles with these as the songs:

NOKIA Theater
old skool company
crimson and clover
I Feel 4 U
if i was your girlfriend
play that funky music
Hollywood Swinging
Harmonica solo
Prince speech about loving one another
Come Together
Purple Rain
Lets Go Crazy
The Bird
Jungle Love
The Glamourous Life with Sheila E!!!!!

Under The Cherry Moon (no vocals)
Dreaming Of U i(no vocals)
Lay U're Hands On Me
Journey To The Center Of Your Heart
The Sun, The Moon And Stars
Sometimes It Snows In April (no vocals)
When The Lights Go Down
I Love U But I Don’t Trust U Anymore
She Spoke To Me
A Large Room With No Light
Sweet Thing (Chaka Khan)
The Beautiful Ones
Nothing Compares 2 U

I'm Yours
Colonized Mind
Chaos & Disorder
A Little Help From Your Friends (Joe Cocker)
Prince Talks about D & P tour
I Like it There
All shook Up
Empty Room
Spanish Magic
When U Were mine

Encore Dreamer


If many of those songs are unfamiliar it is because they are his non mainstream, but most amazing tracks. I would personally kill someone to hear A Large Room With No Light or When The Lights Go Down live. I am hoping there is a major tour soon and it hits Toronto and Montreal...I will attend both nights in both cities without hesitation.

Okay, so sometimes things are announced that are simply too good to be true, like the Phantom, or models dating geeks. OnLive is one of those things. The concept is that you connect to the OnLive service via any web capable PC with broadband and you can play ANY modern game with a solid framerate. It is all dependent on your Internet connection.

It sounds to me like you are controlling the game remotely and it is working almost like a thinclient application, all you are seeing on the screen is literally video of the game you are playing...I think.

It sounds amazing, but can it really work? I hope so because if the price is right (say a 20 dollar subscription) I would buy it in a heartbeat. There is also going to be a micro console that you can connect directly to you HDTV so you can play the games on your big screen. If I can play Crysis or StarCraft 2 or other leading PC games on my TV or crappy laptop I will be simply amazed.

Received a shipment from Amazon today, took forever to get the game in stock, but it is finally here.

The Microsoft points card was on sale and is for the upcoming Pearl Jam DLC for Rock Band. Cannot WAIT to play and sing those songs.

The game is something I have been looking at for a while...just look at the bullet points:

There are 40 titles planned to be included in the collection from the outset with more unlockable content in addition to that, including more games and interviews with creators. Some of the games included include the Sonic the Hedgehog series, four Phantasy Star titles (!), the Vectorman series, Space Harrier, Columns, and even Kid Chameleon. All the games in the collection have been "converted" to high definition and will be output in 720p.

The list is massive and there are some really great games like Sonic Spinball, Streets of Rage, Shining Force, Ristar, Golden Axe and many more, there are also unlockables like Alien Syndrome (loved that game), Zaxxon and Altered beast.

Some of the titles Like Echo and even the Phantasy Stars will not be launched as they will be toolong in the tooth or obscure for me...I mean could I picture replaying Phantasy Star III for 30+ hours when I haven't even finished Final Fantasy XII yet? But tons of the other games will be played to completion...very excited.
A buddy sent me the craziest Tetris game I have ever seen. It is a giant blank screen with the tiniest pieces. It would literally take hours to make a line let alone a Tetris (4 lines).

Click the image to see how huge the playfield is:

Now Click the zoomed in imaged to see how many pieces actually made up that tiny pile at the bottom.
So Prince announced a little while ago that he is releasing three cd's this year. Two of new material done by himself, the other by his protege Bria Valentine. To my shock and dismay, the Man is releasing all three together at Target of all places on March 29th. At the ridiculous price of $11.98 for all three discs.


* Published by: NPG Records

Introducing Lotus Flow3r, the latest release from Prince—available Only at Target. This 3-disc album features Prince’s albums, Lotus Flow3r and MPLSound, and also includes the debut album by Bria Valente—produced by Prince. Disc 1 Lotus Flow3r track listing: From the Lotus. . . Boom; Crimson and Clover; 4EVER; Colonized Mind; Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful; Love Like Jazz; 77 Beverly Park; Wall of Berlin; $ Dreamer; . . . Back to the Lotus; Disc 2 MPLSound track listing: (There’ll Never B) Another Like Me; Chocolate Box; Dance 4 Me; U’re Gonna C Me; Valentina; Better with Time; Ol’ Skool Company; No More Candy 4 U; Disc 3 Elixer track listing: Here Eye Come; All This Love; Home; Something U Already Know; Everytime; 2Nite; Another Boy; Kept Woman; Immersion; Elixer


I understand why he is choosing a big retailer, it enables him to bypass a relationship with a record company. My issue is that Target does not exist in Canada, I will either have to order it online or hope he is releasing it at his official site.

Regardless I am completely stoked about the two Prince albums and even the Bria Valentine one as he produced, wrote and arranged the thing.
I am trying to play a lot of Killzone 2, but The Watchmen and family life has been getting in the way. Regardless I have played some of the EXCELLENT single player campaign and have played enough multiplayer to gain the Sergeant rank.

The Multiplayer is amazing, it has a weighty feel and your character can only take a few bullets making them seem more human. The movement is more natural and turning is at human speeds (not the normal turn on a dime speeds of standard FPS games). The environments and models are amazing in multiplayer as well.

The game modes are truly fun, with an overarching mode called Warzone you basically have staged actions between the two factions. During the course of Warzone you will seamlessly switch between the modes such as Body Count (Team DM), Assassination (one person is the target and you kill or protect depending on the side) and search and destroy (plant C4 on targets or protect yours). When a mode is completed (you achieve/lose the objective) the game keeps running, if you were in a firefight it keeps going. The only time you hit a menu again is when the warzone is complete and all modes have occurred randomly.

It is a great system and really innovative. The only gripe is the class system is completely locked till you level up and leveling is a time consuming affair. All players start as soldiers with basic weapons and rewards are given as you gain rank. A little unforgiving, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Further enhancing the experience is the 'My Killzone' space on The website tracks all your single and multiplayer stats and presents them very clearly and in great detail. The best part is the battle replay function. Presented in a 2d map you can see the entire match play out and see where you went and killed as it happened. An amazing post op feature that clans will use and devour.

Who Watches the Watchmen? I do! Ha bet no one has used that joke on a blog before! err...OK moving on.

Saw The Watchmen on Friday and since it was so long and I went to a late show I am just recovering this morning. I have to say I really liked the movie. It was a nearly perfect translation of the Graphic Novel yet improved on a lot of the things I didn't like from the book.

  • The characters and the actors they tagged for them. I have not seen more perfect casting since J.K. Simmons played J. Jonah Jameson in the Spider-Man films. All of the characters were spot on from the book. Of note were Night Owl, Veidt and especially Rorschach! Silk Spectre (jr.) seemed a little of, but I realized it was due to the fact that Zack Snyder added weight to her character. Reading through the book again I noticed she (and her mom) were a little shallow, in this film they were as important as the males.
  • The effects and environments were stellar. Much more real feeling then 300 or Sin City where you could tell they were not really in the scenes. All of the set pieces, especially Night Owl's lair, were amazing and seemed to be picture perfect representations.
  • The action scenes in the film blew me away. In the book the Watchmen (except for Dr. Manhattan and sort of Ozymandias) were regular people who decided to fight crime. In the movie they are faster, stronger and more resilient then normal people (so it seems). As a result the fights were dynamic, incredibly well choreographed and exciting to watch. The scenes near the end were just amazing.
  • The pacing and edits were great as well. All of the things that stuttered the book were removed (Hollis extended stuff, all of issue 11, the comic the boy by the newstand was reading, extended psychiatric sessions, etc...). To me this is a rare movie that compressed a large volume into the parts you needed to see.
  • The score was awful, the choice of songs (except for 1 or 2) were horribly chosen, too load and blatantly overdone in their use.
  • Probably too niche for a mass market. A lot of the subtleties that were obvious if you read the book would be confusing for layman.
I am trying to think of other things not to like, but by and large I have to say this was a near perfect movie from the graphic novel. I have to laugh as I read comments and generally most males moan about Dr. Manhattans penis. I guess they never read the book, but I had no issue with it as if fit with the character and his lack of concern with the human condition. The violence was also very graphic (and the sex scenes), but again I have no issues with it as it fits the medium.

By far the best part of the film is the perfectly cast Rorschach, every scene he was in was amazing and he WAS the character. Zach Snyder should be proud of this film, I am sure Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons are as well.

Couple of buddies of mine have started a funny webcomic called Gavin Vs. Greg. It has a very simple art style (stick figures), but if you can get the kill or be killed concept (think Spy vs. Spy) it is quite hilarious.

Check them out every day to see how they kill each other in inventive and sometimes ridiculous ways (termites in Ice Cream??).

My favorite so far:
I have often said that I fall under the weight of the hype machine all too often, sometimes it works out (Assassin's Creed), other times it doesn't (GTA IV - blech). This time I am happy to say it is well worth it. I bought Killzone 2 last night and even though I only played for an hour or so I have this feeling about the game. I had it with CoD 4, I had it with Uncharted and I had it with Mass Effect.

I am enmeshed in the look, feel and visceral nature of the controls. I can see this occupying a ton of my time. But that is not what this post is about...nope...this post is about how I have too many damn games thanks to my sickness. I can't stop getting new titles, whether they are gifts, trades (rarely) or purchases. I realized how bad it was when I was digging through my games drawer for my copy of Killzone: Liberation. I need it to upload my stats to the awesome

At first glance there are 18 or so PS3 games, 20 Xbox 360 games, 25+ PS2 games, 10 DS games and 15 PSP games. Many of these I am still in the middle of. I have a sickness and I don't know how to stop.
Okay, I know I am ganking from Penny Arcade...but seriously...WTF?? Gillette has come out with a a razor called the, wait for it, Gillette Fusion Power Gamer. Yes that is right a razor, and I quote, that 'has a high tech design that allows every man to get in the game.'

I cannot describe the stupidity of this marketing ploy. Let's break it down:
  • It is the Fusion, which is five blades...which is already ridiculous and was parodied by The Onion 5 fucking years ago, the fact that gillette made this is ridiculous. Five blades are just two more then is necessary to already rip up my face.
  • The 'spokesmen' of Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter and Roger Federer are normally some cool and talented duded. But they are given the worst CG treatment I have seen in some time. They look like Wii level designs, not the stunning PS3/X360 models we see in real games
  • What the FUCK makes this a gaming razor? Because lots of people play games and the demographic is mostly male? Kudos marketing monkey, kudos. Oh by the way, this is Epic Fail and I hope you and your group are fired.
The wonderful image of our gillette chapions below.
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