Why do they bother? This movie, while it looks good, is called Gamer? Why? Because a person is controlling the combat? Bullshit, that is not highlighted in the trailer at all. Stop trying to appeal to the gaming culture with paper thin veneer...

Gerard Butler and the supporting cast are all very good and the movie actually looks decent, but calling it Gamer? They should team up with Gillete and cross market with their equally horribly branded Gaming Razor. Really people this is the movie The Running Man with a slight twist...but ultimately the same.
I am just not sure, looks great, sounds great, smooth as silk animation...but do we need a modern Dragon's Lair gameplay wise? It looks like this entire sequence is one large string for Quick Time Events.

Heavy Rain is looking amazing but my jury is still out on the gameplay.

Batman: Arkham Asylum looks better, ahem, every time I see it. While I was not a fan of the Harley Quinn model I saw I have to say I approve of the Poison Ivy look. Yes it is gratuitous but it fits the character more then the change they made to Harley did.

Check it out for yourself:

OMFG!!! Just saw the footage for Project Trico. Wow is all I can say, the Team ICO team is so talented. The character design on the large creature is simply amazing and could fit into any Studio Ghibli film.

Gameplay (so far) does not look groundbreaking...just enhanced from their previous games...and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Animation looks ridiculously fluid and movie quality. Stunning!

Watch and drool:

Fallout 3 DLC Announced For Playstation 3 and Two New DLC For All

I should have realized that the allmighty dollar is always worth more then exclusivity. The exclusiveness on the X360 was only timed. The 2nd and third DLC's are must haves (especially the third, no ending and increase in level cap!)

Now I have the X360 version so I will get it first, but it is nice to know (and unsurprising) that PS3 owners will get the DLC as well. Start saving those pennies PS3 owners...coming in June, July and August...hmm...I think that leg is gonna need a band-aid!

This looks so amazing. The combat, graphics, effects, options and every freaking thing looks better then before.

I am officially labeling this my #3 must have game of 2009 (Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins being #1 and 2)
Yeesh, developers need to actually be creative sometimes...Cole from inFAMOUS and Starkiller from the Force Unleashed...separated at birth?

I just don't know what to do. I am incredibly intrigued by inFAMOUS and concerned as well.

-Graphics, world and models look really, REALLY good
-Action system seems very robust and user friendly
-Powers seem powerful from the most part and have great effects
-traversal system is cool, lots of ways to get a round
-Seems to have a meaty story (now that I have read the first issue of the comic)

-Coles model!! Could it be any more generic? Scowling with a buzz cut...at least his outfit is somewhat cool...but seriously could they not do better then this? Also didn't this guy just star in the Force Unleashed?

-The in-game story animation in all the trailers is laughable. Whole body shrugs, heads that don't move and poor eye movement. It is shameful really
-Will it stay fun? I hope there is a lot up their sleeves we have not seen yet. The game seems fun...until you've lobbed lightning at your zillionth enemy. I haven't played it yet so I have no experience...but I am worried.
-Sandbox games always worry me, they tend to meander too much...too much artificial hobbling of the city and your character.

I will probably still get it, will try the demo first and wait for some early reviews though. At least the Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta is not a pre-order bonus!

Woot! Can't wait to review this! Re-mastered in 1080p, Dolby TruHD audio, lots of extras and the case (much like the Matrix 10th anniversary) is a hardbound 50 page book.

One of my favorite movies of all time and it is now available outside of the Anthology for the first time.

Took a couple of videos and tons of pictures of the show. After show stuff was off the record! =-)

I am going to write up my review of The Crystal Method from my trip tro Montreal, thought it would be neat to post my live Twitter account here on the blog. The show was outstanding and I would love to see them again.

  1. Jer1ch0at another bar (parking), dancing till I drop...
  2. Jer1ch0show's over...at a lame club...
  3. Jer1ch0no encore...awesome set though....
  4. Jer1ch0hmm...maybe not...
  5. Jer1ch0set finished...encore??
  6. Jer1ch0now tracks from Vegas!!!
  7. Jer1ch0TCM are older...but still in the now...
  8. Jer1ch0playing stuff from Tweekend!!!
  9. Jer1ch0crazy beats right now...everyone going crazy!!!10
  10. Jer1ch0crowd is moving like on remote control...
  11. Jer1ch0bass is actually moving my hair...amazing sound
  12. Jer1ch0energy level even higher...is that even possible?
  13. Jer1ch0playing a new track...it is banging!!
  14. Jer1ch0can't stop moving, these guys know their business9
  15. Jer1ch0lights, bass and pure energy flowing like water
  16. Jer1ch0one of them mixes like he is playing piano, low and hard
  17. Jer1ch0The boys are double mixing and breaking the house
  18. Jer1ch0scratch finished with a bang, TCM next!
  19. Jer1ch0scratch's mixing skills are crazy
  20. Jer1ch0Vibe is high and the crowd is feeling the music
  21. Jer1ch0DJ scratch is opening for TCM and KILLING the house
  22. Jer1ch0press pass and photo pass in hand...pre-show starts at 8pm
  23. Jer1ch0heading to Metropolis to see The Crystal Method soon!!
This is too horrible to even speak about...and it is real.
Writing for BlogCritics is pretty awesome I have to say. I don't get paid but I get to write articles that interest me on my own schedule and pace. Sometimes I receive review Blu-rays, Games and CD's which can be really nice and really painful at times.

I am currently assigned to cover The Crystal Method's new release (Divided by Night) and received press passes to their show in Montreal at Metropolis. I am making it a two day trip with a buddy and am really excited. The first video Drown in the Now was released and I have to say it is amazing. The video is extremely cool and the song itself has a great beat and groove.

With all my talk about Prince I often forget to mention that I am a huge closet Techno fan, especially the classic guys like Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Moby and The Crystal Method). I am really excited for the show on Thursday and will be live twittering the show as best I can.
This isn't my normal weakness thing...I swear! I have birthday gift certificates to spend and I love a good superhero game. Plus I have been looking at Eternal Sonata for near a year and wanted to pick it up. The game was finally down to a great price used and I had to grab it.

Eternal Sonata is an amazing RPG that originally appeared on the Xbox 360...read the description to see how cool it sounds:

On his deathbed, the famous composer, Chopin, drifts between this life and the next. In his final hours, he experiences a fantastical dream where he encounters a young girl facing a terrible destiny and the boy who will fight to save her. On the border between dreams and reality, Chopin discovers the light that shines in all of us in this enduring tale of good and evil, love and betrayal.

Seriously you are in the magical imagination of Chopin using Music themed attacks and weapons. I wanted it on the PS3 because it is an enhanced version:

While looking pretty close to the Xbox 360 original, the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata will feature a number of additional elements. New events are being added, to help give players a deeper understanding of the storyline.

The game will also feature new playable characters. Crescendo and Serenade, who played a major role in the 360 version's storyline but were not playable, will now be able to take part in battle. Crescendo makes use of a mace and shield. Serenade is all about her heart-shaped staff. She's such a girl!

Those who love the game's characters will want to pay attention to this next bit. Bandai Namco is also working a costume system that will allow you to freely change your characters' costumes. Accompanying this is an increase in costume variations.

I am pretty excited to start the game, both because I want to play it and because it is safe to play around the kids (more play time).

I started X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Uncaged Edition last night and I have to say it is really cool. It isn't really that innovative gameplay wise, at it's heart it is God of War with Wolverine. But his claws cut through everything, peoples arms, legs and heads get cut off and his quick kill moves are spectacular.

The coolest thing by far though is the healing factor. Wolverine has two health bars, one is basically his exterior health, when that is depleted you can see his vitals. The next health 'bar' is his vitals, if it depletes Wolverine is out of commission. He heals and is harmed in real time and the effect is really, really cool.

I already found the Lost Vault (earlier post), I am excited to see what other hidden things there are. It's good mindless fun and the production values are top notch.

So I have been thinking about getting the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game simply because I love the developer, like the idea of the over the top violence and the regenerative aspects we have been shown.

People are getting and playing the game and apparently there are some pretty cool areas that give hidden trophies when you find them. This one gives you the trophy WoW!

This one gives you the trophy Found!

I have to say little things like this go a long way to showing the developer had a good time with this game and I think I am convinced...now where are all my EB games cards...
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