Yeehah! Check out the three part 20 FREAKING minute God of War 3 demo on G4's X-Play. Absolutely amazing, I personally thought the tunnel flying segment was the best part. Looked amazing! Cannot wait till march 2010! Oh and Morgan Webb looks ridonculously hot with black hair.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
Yum! Claudia Black (and some Emily chick =-) talking Uncharted 2! Man that is a healthy head of hair on Ms. Black!

Wow, it is not often that concept art makes me want to buy a game. This concept image for Final Fantasy XIV, MMORPG for PS3, makes me want to do just that.


Best trailer I have seen in a long time, better then most movie trailers. I want to play this game badly. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is one of my all-time favorite games and this sequel looks to top it in every way. The 'last years model' crack was priceless.
Best picture of E3 so far, Shigeru Miyamoto (aka God) checking out the PSP Go! Sony must have loved that!
By the Jeebus this game looks retardely good. Splinter Cell Conviction is what Taken the movie would be as a videogame. Sam Fisher doesn't give a shit anymore and just wants to avenge his daughter.

The close combat, the tag and kill, the environment interaction, it all looks amazing and seamless. The ingame story progression is awesome as well. Day 1 purchase for sure this fall.

Long time no post! I have been very busy with a ridiculous work week, and inFAMOUS when I get home. I was nervous at first how this game would stay fresh if all you did was blast bad guys. Let me tell you Sucker Punch made the right choices with this game!
  • GTA lite - Yes it is open world, but the exploration is much simpler, there are no constant calls from colleagues, you take missions as you want them and explore as you will
  • Easy to collect stuff! - I am a bit compulsive and GTA/Assassin's Creed and all the other open world games turned me off with the near impossible task of finding flags/packages. inFAMOUS tags shards, data drops and other collectibles on your map if you send a pulse looking for them. You still need to locate the item but at least you know one is near.
  • This looks great!! - The graphics are stellar, I mean really, really good. Cutscene animation is weak, but all other aspects are awesome.
  • Traversal mechanic is amazing - Cole can magnetize his hands/feet so climbing is a breeze and can be done nearly anywhere. It is a joy to travel in this city.
  • Combat is fun and challenging - you actually need to use cover, dive, aim, strategize and think to battle the hordes of reavers.
  • Diverse missions are a good thing - Escort prisoners, find packages, save people, clean up a neighborhood, protect a food shipment, find communication towers. It is all good.
  • Comic book cut scenes are amazing - Great narrative tool to push the story along using voiced over comic panels. The art and story is amazing!
  • Moral choices are interesting - instead of conversation options you are always presented with a choice that requires actions. Do the good or evil action and get the response you expect.
This is a great game and one every action fan should own without question. Plus it comes with the Uncharted 2 multiplayer Beta...who could argue with that???
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