So I listen to Prince and only Prince nearly 95% of my music listening time. Seriously. In fact I own 37 Prince albums, ripped them all to MP3, created a private streaming station on my server and burned three MP3 Prince CD's (120+ songs on each disc) for car listening.

Lately I have been in a techno mood so, GASP, I did not listen to Prince for about 3 months. Instead I listened to Crystal Method (love the new disc Divided by Night), MSTRKRFT, Underworld, Freelands Cope and Paul OakenFolds Perfecto Vegas. Loved listening to all of this, Crystal Method stood head and shoulder above the others but the vibe was great.

But like in the GodFather Prince keeps pulling me back in, I started listening to The Man again yesterday and damn is he good. Really, if you like music at all I can recommend at least 15-20 songs that you will A) not know is Prince and B) love enough that you sing, hum and move as he grooves.

Listening to D.M.S.R. makes me want to move and sing...

D.M.S.R. (LP Version) - Prince

Oh yeah, and in my humble opinion, Prince's Band from the Musicology tour was the best he has had in 2 decades and way better then his current band (no offense). Watching them live, and in live videos they had chemistry, they joke around, played to each others AMAZING strengths and were just plain FUNKY!
This is why I love following Nathan Fillion on Twitter...he is one of us! Except with fame and money...and stuff.

@NathanFillion Today in History, in 754, Pope Stephen II, made Pippin de Korte King of France. Pippin then went on to aid delivery of The Ring to Gondor.
Oh Olivia Munn, I just can't quit you:

She recently attended Comic-con and underwent many costume changes as she performed at the show. I say performed because she knows she is a geek sex symbol and if she was not being paid she would not choose (I am sure) to walk around in various states of undress at a comic book convention signing shirts and hands of all the sweaty man creatures at the Con.

Having said that Olivia Munn does seem very sincere and very quirky, on her site she has many video segments as she was followed around for the entire 48 hour convention by a camera crew. Entertaining stuff and you could see the strain of being friendly when being swarmed at all times was getting to her a bit. Well worth watching even to see the behind the scenes look at a celebrity as they hit one of these conventions.
Dammit, I refused to buy anymore costume packs for LittleBigPlanet, but how can I resist marvel Sackboys? Especially when they look this good:

Apparently these were announced at Comic-Con, now if we could get professional quality Marvel themed levels...that I would buy in a heartbeat!
I have mentioned before that I am weak, further proof is in my recent purchases. I ordered BlazBlue online (then found it a week later at retail...sigh) and still have not received it. I decided, with input from friends, that I would get the Mad Catz SFIV Fight Pad for the Xbox 360. Ended up getting the Blanka version

Couple of concerns, it is wired, which apparently satisfies tournament rules, but still...wired?? Also the only Xbox 360 fighting game I have is DC Universe versus Mortal Kombat, and of course the Fight Pad, for some reason, controls the game perfectly but cannot execute special abilities. This is a known problem that makes no sense!

Of course I mentioned I am weak, EB Games is doing a door crasher a day at their store, yesterday it was Call of Duty: World at War Collectors edition, priced so cheap at 39 bucks I had to get it. Sigh...Great game though!

I am a sucker for great 2d fighting games, a new one BazBlue has really caught my eye. I have buddies playing it and they can't stop talking about it. I also love the fact that the limited edition is a free upgrade from the regular and gamestop offers a huge art book when you purchase...the game looks crazy good, I would put money down (mine) that I will have it by tomorrow.

Limited Edition deets...

2-Disc, 42 track, BlazBlue soundtrack! (that’s right, 42 tracks, that’s 13 more tracks than the previously released original soundtrack in Japan!) – Done!

And finally, the pride and enjoy of this Limited Edition; the bonus disc that contains tutorials, created by top players of and The tutorial will breakdown the basics and advanced strategies per character. It’ll even walk you through various combos, that will challenge the combo fiend in all of us. And just when you think you can’t get enough of it, we’ve included high level match play, so that you can see the strategy and tactics in play. Narration is also done by the players themselves plus a special guest star…

Penn and Teller Bullshit focused on video game violence recently and it was pretty good. They actually took a kid and brought him to a gun range to see if he would love shooting things (since he is a violent deviant gamer).

I had an issue with the mom letting him play violent games, he does not play GTA, but he does play Call of Duty and similar games. At nine years old I think he is too young for that and my son (whether he likes it or not) will not be playing those games in a year or two.

Good take on violence and while not crazy in depth (because it has to be entertaining) it gets its point across. In particular the reference to football and how it would be perceived if it was just introduced today (in a world where sterile and safe video games are the favored and approved pastime) considering all the injuries and even deaths that occur every year in America.

The point they attempt to make is the perception people have of games and the parenting of these children that is key. Be a good parent and much of the 'issues' go away.

In light of a few of LucasArts great point and clicks being released on Steam I decided to boot up Full Throttle on SCUMMVM, since I still have my discs I feel no guilt or any need to wait for it's steam release.

Man this game is amazing. The characters, the gameplay (hold down mouse for menu good), the puzzles, the voice acting, the look and even the graphics hold up.

It's hard to believe that this genre died, but thanks to telltale it is being resurrected. They need to look at the late generation of LucasArts games (like Grim Fandango and Full Throttle) for the proper way to control things.

Also voice acting is KEY. I know they are making technically smaller games, but if they continue with great acting and quality talent...maybe the resurgence will spread further.

And Ben from Full Throttle is a true bad ass:
Yerggh...bad, bad updater man. Meant to post this ages ago, but a friend of mine drew a comic/graphic novel and I am the Star! Here is a teaser panel, it may come out as a trade publication and be on Amazon, but regardless it will appear in Kagemono #3 distributed by Black Glass Press. Click for full size.

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