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Batman: Arkham Asylum is the love child we have all been looking for in a Videogame. Paul Dini wrote it....and the the kids show restraints were removed. He has crafted a brutal, gritty and very edgy Dark Knight vibe that has plenty of dark twists and nasty secrets. From historical patient recordings, to Jokers taunts of Batman, to the mass murder of guards and inmmates this game features a dark Joker that we love to see. Mark Hammil is at his absolute best voicing the joker on this game, I have never heard him so engaged as the character.

The game looks, plays, sounds and is simply GREAT. There is stealth, puzzle solving, 100+ riddlers from the riddler to solve, great dynamic fighting system, plenty of gadgets and bios to enjoy. If you have a PS3 or a X360 you must own this game. Walmart is selling this game for today and tomorrow for 38.83, after that it jumps to 69.99. This game is averaging 92% in ratings, one of the highest (if not highest) ranked games of the year.
In other gaming news I am a sucker for a great concept picture, this one from the upcoming Bethesda Softworks game Wet was just too cool for school:

Well the game is launching soon and it is described as a highly stylized 3rd person action game. Shoot anywhere, anytime gunplay (think Stranglehold) combined with sword fighting and amazing acrobatics. The story is supposed to be zany, serious and gory, plus the main character is ridonculously hot. I like any game that can turn the concept image above into a near perfect in-game model below. There is a demo live on the UK PSN store, gonna try it tonight!

God I want Dissidia: Final Fantasy for the PSP so is a video that features one of my favorites, Squall Lionheart, versus Sephiroth...yeah, the game is that cool

Wowee, big news at Gamescom with the PS3 Slim announced. Every feature of the current 80GB PS3 phat except the power button on the back, but with additional Bravia synch support and it features a 120GB hard drive. On top of the announcement of a 33% lighter and 36% smaller PS3 they also lowered the price on existing PS3's immediately to $299 which will also be the price of the PS3 Slim when it launches Sept. 1st.

This is huge news for Sony and will be a game changing moment for them. Many people have held off buying a PS3 due to the prohibitive price point and this is the time for them to buy. This year many games are coming only on PS3 led by Uncharted 2 we also have Demon's Souls, EyePet, Gran Turismo 5, Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, PixelJunk Shooter, The Last Guardian and Heavy Rain.

Should be a good year, also the PSN keeps improving, we now have a portable ID that displays our trophies as bragging rights. I need to work on mine a bit more I think...

Get your Portable ID!
Okay, I am ready to eat crow. Back at E3 a game was announced and when I did my E3 post mortem for Microsoft I made these comments about this Xbox 360 exclusive game.

'Shadow Complex – Nothing about this looks terribly interesting to me, I know I will be in the minority, but I could not feel any excitement about this announcement.'

Sigh, I am a weak, weak man (see Riddick post) and the hype post release for this game has been great. So I bought it last night and boy is it good. They were right, it is a 3d, modern day take on the Metroid formula. The maps, guns, tunnels, climbing, everything feels comfortable and solid. Add to this the absolutely STUNNING graphics and the game is rocking.

The main character is so generic though, a review called him Nathan Bourne (although his name is Jason) because he looks and acts like Jason Bourne but is voiced by Nolan North (of Uncharted's Nathan Drake fame). If you were on the fence, don't be, with collectibles, powerups, amazing action, hidden paths, smart backtracking (they give shortcuts) this game is a winner.

Do I even need to say the words I am weak anymore?

To my defense it was only $21.99, I have never seen it cheaper then $45 before and it is two games in one package. The amazing Xbox game Escape from Butcher Bay enhanced with the new engine created (and it looks very nice) and Assault on Dark Athena. The Riddick games are much better then the sequel to the movie was and really nails the dark gritty aspect of the character. Plus Vin Diesel is dreamy!

Holy crap, stupid games dropping at the same time. Dissidia: Final Fantasy is releasing on the same day as Batman: Arkham Asylum. Damn, this is a game I have been looking forward to for some time. In a nutshell:

-It features a hero and villain from the first 10 Final Fantasy games.
-It is an RPG meets fighting game, but the fighting is dynamic and strategic, not button combination based.
-Tons of collectibles, two story modes that can be played multiple times with the various characters.
-Amazing graphics, sound and interactivity.

Plus you get to play as the Final Fantasy character who has a sword tail!

Drool...August 25th is so close!

I actually enjoyed another Batman game a few years ago. It was the Batman Begins tie in game. I actually finished it on the XBox (doesn't happen often). Nothing groundbreaking, but a solid, fun and good looking (at the time) game.

I love it when a demo sells you on a game. The demo for Uncharted did it, the demo for Ratchet and Clank did it, the demo for Watchmen: End is Nigh did the opposite thing. I recently played the demo for Batman: Arkham Asylum and it impressed me quite a bit.

Aside from the characters being a little bulky (it is the Unreal Engine, so bulky is all they can do) I felt they got the tone and feeling of the characters down perfectly. The tone is darker so there is almost an industrial style makeover on all the main characters and villains but it just works thanks to the darker themed story.

To add gravy to the fine chicken that is Batman: Arkham Asylum all the main voice actors from the Batman Animated shows return for this game, that means we have Mark Hamill as the Joker and Kevin Conroy as The Batman as well as big names such as Arleen Sorkin, Richard Moll and Ron Pearlman as main villains.

The game has a solid action mechanic, an engaging cat and mouse style stealth element and puzzle aspects in the form of detective work to track down clues or paths through the asylum. Graphically and audibly the game is terrific and I pre-ordered it right after playing the demo.

By pre-ordering I received a special costume, play as the joker challenge rooms and I just discovered there is a private Playstation Home Space...a batcave you can live in!! Damn, this may make me re-log into Home again!

Worst.Ad.Ever!! Well probably not, but what is Sony thinking? here is the image, then we will dissect:

  1. The girls seem to old to be enjoying a Pony game, I could be wrong, but 13-15 year olds don't tend to play with Pony type things in public.
  2. Shouldn't some of the other girlz have PSP's as well? Wouldn't that make more sense?
  3. If you are going to call them least show them as real gamers and not casual. The girlz tag makes it seem like you are calling them l33t gamerz (see I can do it to).
  4. Did you really write OMG Lilac PSP? OMFG WTF is wrong with U? Lolz
  5. Is it just me or do the middle two girlz look like they are laughing at the girl with the PSP?
What would I have done?
  1. Show three - four girls (no Z dammit) sitting around their basement (on beanbags, Sumos or couches) playing PSP. Angle two of them so that the screens are visible.
  2. Show real girls, casual, comfortable clothing, hanging out with friends.
  3. the viewpoint perspective is not bad it just needs to feel more natural
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