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Full Twitter Feed from Star Wars in Concert,a review will be posted shortly on, Imperial March and Duel of the Fates live almost unmanned me.

  1. Michael Prince Jer1ch0 Awww yeah!!! Imperial March again!!!!
  2. Jer1ch0 an encore!
  3. Jer1ch0 Posted a picture
  4. Jer1ch0 So it end theme...goosebumps again!
  5. Jer1ch0 Endor and the death star...big finish, more flames...daniels introducing the end of Vader...
  6. Jer1ch0 I am feeling that same sense of wonder that the original trilogy always gives me...this is Star Wars aurally at it's best...
  7. Jer1ch0 Tone, imagery, lights and the God the music...this makes me want to marathon through the movies..
  8. Jer1ch0 Posted a picture
  9. Jer1ch0 Yoda time!!!!
  10. Jer1ch0 cantina music! geek euphoria again!
  11. Jer1ch0 Princess Leia Luke..starting with tatooine theme...hd imagery is phenomonal!
  12. Jer1ch0 Millenium falcon and Han Solo time! daniels just reverted to 3P0 mode...awesome!!
  13. Jer1ch0 Posted a picture
  14. Jer1ch0 post intermission...amaIng laser show...sith theme!
  15. Jer1ch0 I am your father at the pinnacle of March...mega goosebumps!!!
  16. Jer1ch0 Imperial March...I am in geek euphoria....Darth Vader time!
  17. Jer1ch0 Wow!! flame bursts during volcano planet fight...i could feelthe heat from them!
  18. Jer1ch0 Ooh, Anakins turning...morose theme...deep notes, choir and full orchestra...goosebumps again.
  19. Jer1ch0 somehow this is actually making me interested in their love story...very effective cuts and music...
  20. Jer1ch0 Amidala and Anakin theme from attack of the clones...very nice....
  21. Jer1ch0 funny moment as daniels introduces C3P0! Droids section playing...jawa music!
  22. Jer1ch0 Anakin being introduced...looks they will play themes based on characters and scenarios...
  23. Jer1ch0 This is actually making the prequels cool...really!
  24. Jer1ch0 with Live Choir...I have goosebumps!!
  25. Jer1ch0 Anthony Daniels eloquently introducing the star wars mythos...seque to Duel of Fates...LIVE!!!
  26. Jer1ch0 Posted a picture
  27. Jer1ch0 Darth Vader introducing Anthony Daniels!!!
  28. Jer1ch0 screen is huge and image is ultra footage of players...they are using HD cameras...
  29. Jer1ch0 lighting is AMAZING! Main theme being played...
  30. Jer1ch0 Posted a picture
  31. Jer1ch0 Posted a picture
  32. Jer1ch0 wow, serious bass, battle sounds all around!
  33. Jer1ch0 show is starting!
  34. Jer1ch0 Posted a picture
  35. Jer1ch0 in an orchestra always wear tuxedos, but the women don't wear gowns generally...dress pants and nice shirts...odd that!
  36. Jer1ch0 Orchestra is bathed in purple light...smoke is billowing and players are filtering onstage! Star Wars in Concert starting soon!
  37. Jer1ch0 They are slowly testing effects, random blaster shots, lightsaber noises and breathing!
  38. Jer1ch0 Posted a picture
  39. Jer1ch0 Sitting in my seat, have to thank PR person, sitting on the floor16 rows from the stage!!!!


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