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The word of the day is:
an⋅noyed/əˈnɔɪ/Show Spelled Pronunciation[uh-noi]Show IPAUse annoyed in a Sentence See web results for annoyed See images of annoyed –verb (used with object) disturb or bother (a person) in a way that displeases, troubles, or slightly molest; harm. –verb (used without object) be bothersome or troublesome. –noun 4.Archaic. an annoyance. Origin:
1250–1300; (v.) ME an(n)oien, enoien < class="ital-inline">anoier, anuier to molest, harm, tire < class="ital-inline">inodiāre to cause aversion, from L phrase mihi in odiō est … I dislike …; cf. in-2, odium, ennui, noisome; (n.) ME a(n)noi, ennoi < class="ital-inline">a(n)nui, etc., deriv. of the v.
Data, in this modern world it is more precious then almost anything else. My car was recently broken into and my laptop bag was stolen. In it was my laptop (works actually), a great laser mouse, power supply, headset, cds, some of my and my kids ID's and worst of all 6 USB memory sticks.

On these sticks was:

-An archive of 11 years of work e-mail, thousands of folders and correspondence, now gone.
-The last 2 years worth of pictures of my kids and events I went to
-My documents folder which contained all my articles, work diagrams, RFP documents, security notes and irreplaceable assets I used daily at work.
-Some short stories I was dabbling in
-My completed Ubisoft game design (60 odd pages) and my partial Bioware and EA designs
-Music I archived over the years
-Game saves and other bits of data.

Frankly I am still reeling from this loss of data. It is like a part of my life was erased and cannot be is only data, but so much of my life and passions were in there. Do the…
The word of the day is:

per⋅plexed/pərˈplɛkst/Show Spelled Pronunciation[per-plekst]Show IPAUse perplexed in a Sentence See web results for perplexed See images of perplexed –adjective 1.bewildered; puzzled: a perplexed state of mind. 2.complicated; involved; entangled. Origin:
1350–1400; ME perplex confused (< class="ital-inline">perplexus; see per-, complex) + -ed2
Related forms:per⋅plex⋅ed⋅ly /pərˈplɛksɪdli/Show Spelled Pronunciation[per-plek-sid-lee]Show IPA, adverb per⋅plex⋅ed⋅ness, noun
Meant to post this a while ago! I attended the Montreal International Games Summit a few weeks ago and it was an amazing experience! I attended some great Seminars:

MIGS 09: Cinematics sans CutscenesJonathon Cooper from Bioware discusses how he would love to see cinematic gameplay instead of cutscenes.MIGS 09: Dead Space: A Musical Post MortemJason Graves dissects and pulls apart the process he used to create the excellent audio for Dead Space.MIGS 09: Jason Holtman, Director of Business Development, Valve Keynote LiveblogA liveblog and recap as Jason Holtman from Valve, discusses games entertainment in the age of connectivity.MIGS 09: Ken Rolston, Lead Designer Big Huge Games LiveblogA liveblog and recap as Ken Rolston, Lead Designer from Big Huge Games, discusses a narrative designers toolkit.MIGS 09: Yoichi Wada, President and CEO of Square Enix Keynote LiveblogA liveblog and recap as Yoichi Wada, President and CEO of Square Enix, discusses cultural diversity in gaming development…