I like electronica, techno, trance and house music a great deal. I have reviewed artists in this genre, I listen to the music to relax and workout and I am a huge fan of the genre. DJ Hero was a game I have been incredibly interested in for quite some time, but I had refrained from getting. Looks like the renegade edition is now just a 100 dollars on Amazon (down from 200).

This is a really cool edition of the game with an enhanced turntable, a case that converts to a stand for the turntable and some remix soundtracks from Jay-z and Eminem. Recently I traded in some Aeroplan points for an Amazon.ca card, looks like I know what I will e getting once the card arrives...I mean the renegade turntable has gold knobs for Pete's sake!


Jericho said…
I got my card code and ordered the game...sigh...DJ parties at my place!