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Like everyone I go through cycles. Highs and lows, peaks and valleys. Right now I am in a low cycle, I am doubting myself, my friends, my confidence and at my new job my abilities. It happens from time to time, it will pass (hopefully), but to try to take my mind off, well, my mind, I have decided to try sketching again.

I used to be quite good, I was never amazing at original material, but sketching things I see and altering or preserving the look was a strength. My first stab was really, really horrible. I almost gave up for the night, but decided to try something different and tackled an image of the protagonist from Persona 4. I have the art book and have admired the style for a long time.

Here it is:

It is not complete, I will finish it tonight or tomorrow, but I am pretty happy with it thus far. Proud of this after not seriously holding a pencil in at least 12 years...
So I will continue the story of my trip to Halifax next, but I recently did something so amazing that I need to talk about it. Some friends and I went and experienced a bit of the high flying circus life and did some Flying Trapeze lessons.

There is a company in Montreal called Trapezium that will teach you to fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Well they make it look easy, but it was very hard. The stage was set with a safety net, a platform 25 feet up and a small ladder. Equipped with safety gear I was the first to go up and try this out.

The weirdest part was gripping the bar, you had to dangle over the edge as a spotter holds you by the belt. You grip the bar and drop once the say "Ready, Hep'. We started basic with a swing, then hook the legs, then swing with no hands, grip and unhook legs, then drop. It was incredibly exhilarating and fun, but they always added a step.

After this they introduced a backflip to dismount. Basically you did the same steps as…
Listening to the new Arcade Fire album The Suburbs on NPR radio. It is really good, I became a recent fan of the band at Bluesfest this year and can't get enough of their music. I love when recognized bands willingly allow the streaming of their new work to get people excited and listening to the music:

The Chronicle of an East Coast Vacation - Part 1 - Lunenburg

The girl and I just returned from an amazing vacation to the East Coast of our beautiful country. Specifically Lunenburg and Halifax, both amazing places and very different from each other.

The trip was planned some time ago with the general plan being to stay at a house in Lunenburg with her family and then move on to Halifax for a few days then head home.

We flew to the Halifax International Airport Wednesday night (28th) and rented our car from the cheapest option I could find, Avis. To our surprise we were given a Prius and began the somewhat long drive (in the dark). The car was pretty cool and it was nice that my lovely companion was driving, I could then be free to navigate badly (she is an amazing navigator, I am average at best). After a few mis-turns we made it to the house (a large red one, aptly named the Red House) after 12:30 AM Halifax time.

The next day we decided to try and get a lot of fun out of the day an…