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Blogging is something I mean to do more of every day, but the hours and days go by at times in an alternating blur and molasses like crawl. Today I want to start with a recap post and maybe do another more geeky post later. First I am listening to a Mix of Prince B-Sides and Alternates and it is awesome.

So what has been going on you ask? Well nothing as exhilarating as Trapeze, but life has been busy. I had to work from home most of last week as my kids did not have any daycare available and we had to scramble to make sure they were cared for. This week we are in a similar boat, Mini B doesn't start school till Friday as the first week is staggered but the school neglected to remind parents. I worked from home today and have short days Wed/Thurs so I can pick him up. The older one is fine as his new gifted school is in full swing.

I was able to make it to the eldests school before he entered class for the first time and I could tell he was grateful to see me. He is a pretty stubborn and self sufficient kid but he has his insecurities and he knows he has trouble with people at times. He made some early friends and really likes the class. I had a heart swelling moment as he was brimming with excitement over his first day. I am fiercely protective of that little guy and I was really nervous with him in this new class, new school and new kids. He did me proud and I love him like crazy.


Things with the lovely girl are going well. She is able to join me in Halifax for a friends wedding even though she has to take unpaid days and will join us on the Monday instead of the Sunday I am heading out. The geeks and I need to settle and arrange the night before festivities which ultimately mean getting the bride and groom drunk so we are there a day in advanced. I am really happy she can make it as we had a great time in Halifax and she is a great travel companion and all around amazing person.

In her neck of the woods the girl has been going through a couple of things with family and friends and she has been putting herself deep emotionally into these other people. I don't want to mention details as it is not my place to say them but she has a huge heart and is an amazing friend and daughter and I am proud of her and how wonderful a person she is. Nuff said on that, she is good people and I am lucky to know her.


And as a tie in to both parts of this post is the fact that the girl and I have been dating for a while and while I don't think she or the boys are ready to meet I have been thinking of talking to my oldest at least about the concept of her. This is something I don't take lightly at all and will discuss with all affected parties before I do anything. Really all I want to do is talk about the idea that I am or might be seeing someone so he can ask questions or make comments. I owe that to him and don't want to surprise him or have them meet to early.

This has to happen eventually and I want to introduce the idea in a fairly slow way, how to do this and what the reaction will be I have no idea, but I know it has to happen eventually. Life goes on and his Mom and I know that we are better apart so the kids will see this one day from both of us. How to do it the best way is a mystery and something I will work through.

That is it for now, have to smile that the song playing now is Gett Off (Clockin the Jizz Mix), Prince used to be such a dirty little man. Now off to play some Gears of War 2 unless I get inspired to make another post.


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