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The Party Pooper - Original Story by Aidan - age 9, typed out exactly as he wrote it (spelling mistakes and all).

Chaper 1 - Intro

Once upon a time there was a boy named Brad Nikles. Brad was 12, just like his brother Ace, and lived in Toronto Ontario.

Chapter 2 - The first victim

One day Brad decided to throw a slumber party, he invited 10 people (5 boys and 5 girls). But little did he know someone was watching him!

On Saturday night, when it was time for the party, the guests arrived. First was Sally, then Bob, then Sarra, Jonny and everyone else. Then it was time for the party to Begin! The first game was hide and go seek (which is perfect Because it's a pretty Big house). "I'll count" said Brad. So everyone hid, But, when Bob hid in one of the spare rooms, and it was his turn to be found, everybody heard a yell coming from upstairs! When they Got upstairs to the room he was hiding in, all they found was his watch!

Chapter 3 - The Diapearing Daisy!

The guest were…