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The Party Pooper - Original Story by Aidan - age 9, typed out exactly as he wrote it (spelling mistakes and all).

Chaper 1 - Intro

Once upon a time there was a boy named Brad Nikles. Brad was 12, just like his brother Ace, and lived in Toronto Ontario.

Chapter 2 - The first victim

One day Brad decided to throw a slumber party, he invited 10 people (5 boys and 5 girls). But little did he know someone was watching him!

On Saturday night, when it was time for the party, the guests arrived. First was Sally, then Bob, then Sarra, Jonny and everyone else. Then it was time for the party to Begin! The first game was hide and go seek (which is perfect Because it's a pretty Big house). "I'll count" said Brad. So everyone hid, But, when Bob hid in one of the spare rooms, and it was his turn to be found, everybody heard a yell coming from upstairs! When they Got upstairs to the room he was hiding in, all they found was his watch!

Chapter 3 - The Diapearing Daisy!

The guest were sooo terrafied when Bob had Diseperred, that they imedetly cancled hide-and-go-seek, and moved onto the next game (which they didn't have so they would have to find something else). "I'll go" said Daisy "I'll go check the Basement, besides you never know what you'll find Down there" and off she went.

"Wait" said Brad following her "I'll be fine" she said "OK" said Brad. He had just started Back up when he heared a wack!~ Then a thump! He turned around fast! But Daisy was gone...'this has to stop soon' he thought (after all he already lost two people), but he was wrong!

Chapter 4 - What's next?

Brad called a group meeting in the liveing room, because things were getting too serious. "What's happening?" said alarmed Jessie. "Oh Daisy" sobbed Ace. "What if they come for me next?" said James. "I hope not" said James's younger sister Jamie. "Looks like we have a Party Pooper!" said Jonny and Sally at the same time. Sarra giggled at the idea.

"We will have to stick togther from know on" replied Brad. But right at that moment, it happened. The remamaining guests saw a figure press a button and foomp! a net shot out of the wall taking James, Jamie and Jessie into a hole in the other side of the wall! The both holes quickley closed!

Chapter 5 - The Party Pooper reveiled - Part 1

"Wait a sec" said Brad "only a previous owner of this house would have known where that was, right Ace?" But Ace was nowere to be seen! Just then the power went out, and then, there was an eeerrrttt! severil yells, and a thump! The when the lights turend Back on, Brad was all alone!

Then, he heard a door opening in the side of the wall, then he turned around and his heart started racing, he swore he saw the handle turn! The last thing he saw Before he Blacked out was a dark figure running toward him!

Chapter 6 - The Party Pooper reveiled - Part 2

Brad woke up in a Dark room, when his eyes ajusted to the light, he gasped!! All the guests were tied up in the room with him, but no sign of Ace. 'Wait a sec' he thought. Then he remembred the Back to the glimps of the party pooper 'that long black-brown hair' he thought. Then a horrable thought struck him 'what if Ace is the party pooper?' he shudderd thinking of the idea.

Then a dark figure apeared, Brad finally got his first clear glimps of the party pooper. He was short and dressed compleatly in Black: Black suit, Black shoes, Black pants, and a Black tie. He had a dark hat that hid most of his face. Then he spoke in an evil voice "I know it is time!!" the he took off his hat...Brad's heart skippted a was ACE!!!!!!

Chapter 7 - Escape!

" traitor" Brad yelled "My own Brother!! My own Brother!!"Betraid me!!" Ace just gave Brad a wicked laugh, in return. Just then Brad noticed his friends wriggling out of the ropes. 'After all, Ace was never good with ropes' Brad thought. So Brad, started doing the same things his friends were doing.

Brad looked around for a door, and he found one. "Go home" said Brad to his friends. Only Sarra, Daisy and Jonny staid. "Get back here" shouted Ace as they ran up the stairs. Finally they got to the top floor and hid in one of the rooms. It wasn't long before Ace found them. "I've got you now!" shouted Ace as he burst through the doors.

Then he charged towards Brad who was standing against the window. "Jump" Sarra yelled. Brad jumpted out of the way and send Ace smashing through the window. "Argh!" yelled Ace as he fell towards the rose bushes with a lound thump! "Doooohhh!" said Jonny, "ouch!" said Sarra "that's gona hurt in the mornin!" said Brad, then the door bell rung. "I'll get it" said Brad. It was his parents. "Why did Ace just fly out the window?" asked Brad's mom. "Don't worry mom, I'll tell you all about it!"

The end!


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