So Black Friday. For whatever reason Canada does not have an equivalent this wonderful shopping day...BUT we do have access to online retailers and I do so happen to have a US shipping address!

Looked at the Amazon sales and instead of getting newer stuff for a slight discount, I instead grabbed:

Too Human for 19.99
Viking: Battle for Asgard for 14.99
Nyko Charge Base PS3 for 9.95

Nothing groundbreaking, but the two games were ones I wanted to play, but didn't want to pay anywhere near full pop or be constrained by renting (I like to own games).

Looking forward to taking Too Human for a spin, I like Diablo hack and slash style games and I did enjoy the demo.


X said…
If by 'wonderful shopping day' you mean 'Wal-Mart Employee Trampled To Death; Customers Continue Shopping'.... no. No thank you. I even do my boxing day shopping online. ;)
Jericho said…
Agreed, that was super crappy and people are incredibly stupid. They are focusing now on how the employee had no crowd control training...yeesh