Oh Last Remnant, why must you be so inconsistent? I finally finished a battle that had me tearing my hair out. Following this I was treated to an amazing in-game cut scene. It was a battle between one of my favorite characters, Emma, and the Conqueror character. What happened was completely predictable, but the animation was amazing. No texture problems, no frame rate issues, just greatness.

This got me excited about playing it some more and I did. Until the battles started again and the frame stuttered (with 5 creatures on screen) and the textures never finished loading. Sigh!

Now I am stuck AGAIN at a boss battle following a boss battle that didn't allow me to save in between...the second Boss is fiendishly hard and revives your slain teammates and has them fight you before you even get a chance to revive them. That is plain cheap gameplay and the fact that there is no chance to save between the bosses makes it infuriating.

I will keep plugging along, but if I face the same challenge (trying 20+ times) as I did before, this game and I will be breaking up!